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Manage Risk

Using Better Visiblity

Infosec Metrics is a cyber intelligence tool that provides businesses with better insights into their security risk posture and make educated/informed decisions for security investments to protect their assets proactively. 


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    Standard Risk Rating

    Using the standard Security Risk Score, Organizations can measure their security posture and compare to their industry peers

    Consolidated Cyber Security Data

    Infosec Metrics integrates and synthesizes data from an organization’s disparate sources, external and internal, and combines them with threat intelligence feeds to provide meaningful metrics

    Improved Security Monitoring

    Serves as the single source of truth for teams by integrating data from various cyber security tools such as SIEM, IDS/IPS, DLP, IAM, PAM, AD, etc

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    Modern Solutions

    Evaluating Your
    Information Security Posutre

    Assess your company’s current controls, policies and processes against widely accepted standards and frameworks. Use the assessment results to make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

    NIST Standards
    Web Designer 88%
    CIS Framework
    Web Designer 74%
    ISO 27001
    Web Designer 79%

    Benefits of infosec metrics

    Why CISOs Love Infosec Metrics

    Prioritize Security Programs

    Businesses can better justify prioritization of security programs and reduce the cost of cyber security

    Better Cyber Insurance Premiums

    Infosec Metrics would simplify the cyber insurance application process as Insurance providers have better insights into the risk rating of an organization


    Helps get the buy-in and involvement of the different departments as opposed to information security teams working in a silo to improve cyber security

    Simulate Risk Scores

    Users are able to simulate risk rating scores by increasing or decreasing risk posture for different individual areas and get information without time consuming laborious complex manual data entry 

    Customized Alerts and Reporting

    Alerts and notifications can be customized for roles based on their industry, applicable regulations and preferences

    One Place For Everything Security

    Communication tool with all real time data available, that can be used without spending hours of time on preparing power point presentations 

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    CISO's Feedback

    Flexible, Secure and Reliable Infrastructure built for current and future needs

    Protected by the latest industry standard protocols and zero trust methods

    Open and adaptable integration layer provides easy information exchange with identified platforms

    Widely accepted industry standard security model used for visualization

    How Infosec Metrics Works

    Infosec Metrics Captures, standardizes and categorizes data and convert them into actionable information for Organizations to manage risk efficiently

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Acts as a second CISO providing insights into areas of improvement and enabled automated CISO best practices

    Standardized Data Format

    Combine data from different sources, even from spreadsheets, presentation, audit reports into a standardized format

    Information Representation Based On Industry

    NIST Standards – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

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